Vampires Don't Sparkle - Part 2
Brian Matt
Picking her way through the wreckage of bodies she accidentally kicked something across the room. As it rolled it made a clear pathway through the blood and she watched as the blood slowly crept back together behind it. It came to rest against a table leg where she picked it up. It was a bulb of garlic. She broke off a glove and put it in her mouth, savouring the odd combination of the taste of the garlic and the metallic tang of blood. She smiled to herself- it actually tasted pretty good.

Rummaging through the pockets of what remained of clothing Amber found fourteen more bulbs of garlic, five stakes – one with a severed hand still clinging to it, and two small vials. She held one up to the light to examine the liquid, it was... water?

How had these people believed that these objects would stop her? They didn’t even slow her down.

She straightened up and headed for the door. As she walked she passed the fireplace and the mirror above it she jumped suddenly backwards, she could see her reflection. She remembered vampire stories from when she was younger and as far as she knew vampires didn’t have reflections. The face staring back at her from the frame didn’t look much different either. She looked just the same as she always had, her slightly imperfect nose, green eyes and red hair. The only thing that was different was that blood covered her hands, her clothes, and the lower half of her face. She needed a shower and some clean clothes but more importantly; she needed to hide the bodies. Or what was left of them.


Amber took of her blood soaked clothes and stepped into the shower. She was transfixed by the swirling patterns the blood made in the water as it ran down the drain. It took a full 20 minutes to get all of the blood out of her hair.

Reaching into her cupboard she pulled out the nearest thing and quickly got dressed. Only a day ago what she wore had been important to her, now it seemed so trivial. She’s killed people, she wasn’t proud of it yet it didn’t seem to bother her either. This is what worried her. She knew she should feel bad but she felt nothing of the ort. She thought of the people’s families and friends, all the people they had left behind yet somehow she felt nothing. No pity. No remorse. In her mind it was just something that had to be done. She hated being this, whatever this was. She needed to find out who had done this to her and why. And most likely make them pay.

She had a very good plan for how she was going to get rid of the bodies. She pulled all of the remains onto the rug in the middle of the floor which by now had soaked up most of the blood. She took the edges of the rug and folded them up around the pile. Once she was happy that nothing would fall out she dragged her makeshift parcel towards the door, grabbing the car keys on the way out.

Having managed to shove the ‘parcel’ in the boot of her car she was in the process of locking the boot again when she heard someone speak

“What have you got there?” she turned at the sound of the voice and saw a little boy of about 5 staring at her from the pavement

“I’m just taking some stuff to my friend’s farm” she said with a smile, he smiled back and scampered off down the road to catch up with his mother.  Amber climbed into the car, turned out of her road and drove away.

Her car was an old and battered Ford that she’s had for years. It wasn’t much to look at but it ran fine, even if it was largely held together by duct tape. A friend of hers had left her to look after his farm whilst he was away in Germany, this was where she was going. Simon had warned her that the pigs would eat anything they came across so she had to be careful not leaving any of her things lying around. It was time to find out whether they really would eat anything.

Vampires don't sparkle.
Brian Matt

Amber gazed at the pool of blood that surrounded her. The gash in her leg had already faded to a faint line. She had been injured, but the blood surrounding her was not her own. Looking around the room her eyes fell on a pile of cloth, bones and even more blood. These items had once been people. Now nothing more than a collection of twisted and broken marionettes. Amber chuckled to herself as she thought of what her new abilities could do.

She rummaged through the debris and found that it consisted of five people, four men and a woman. She picked up a head, it belonged to the man who had led the charge on her house. She could still picture the murderous look in his eyes, his bared teeth, the flaming torch in his hand. He and his companions had broken down her door wielding stakes and crucifixes. Now his eyes were cold and blank. She tossed his head back to the floor.

She knelt down and ran her fingers through the blood that had pooled at her feet. It was still warm. Absent mindedly she traced symbols across the floor with the blood and wondered what to do next.

These people had realised what she was, and if they had then others would too. She could try and escape them, she could leave, but where would she go? She didn’t know who had done this to her. Why she was like this. She needed answers, and she knew that this was where she would find them. So for now, she would stay here. After all, if anyone else came knocking they would meet the same fate as the others.

Not sure really...
Brian Matt

It was a suicide note of sorts. It was a picture of a girl led on the floor, she was out of focus but her hand was in focus, or more importantly her wrist, it was covered in blood and scrawled on the photo were the words "I always felt you were someone worth dying for."

The Radiation Effect
Brian Matt
P.O.V.  Jayne

Must keep going. Can’t stop now. Must reach the next bunker before they come back.  Running through a sea of bodies, no longer bothering to step over them. Our own dead left as a bloody carpet in the war zone. A quick burst of fire from my left then silence, my breath loud in my ears. I spot a flash of purple and a harsh acid green, good, Eliza has made it too.

We are only 17, technically still too young to fight. But we have ended up gathering whoever we can to fight this God forsaken war. I can barely remember my life before this; this war has taken everything, my home, my family, my entire life. And it’s all our stupid fault; “nuclear power, the energy of tomorrow” they said, they were not expecting this. There was a leak from the power station, the radiation went down the power lines and into our homes, and back the other way, into all the generators, blowing them all. Anyone within a 20 mile radius was hit with the radiation. Something changed in them that day, something changed in us all.

Mutants. We used to think them stuff of imagination, we never thought they could be real. They were just a kid’s story we used to tell our siblings to keep them awake at night, it all seemed like a harmless joke before. Of course we’d all heard stories, stories of people living under the city in the dark that couldn’t stand the light or others that were so cut off from everyone they’d developed into a new race. Recent sightings had been reported yet they were overlooked, some said they had even been covered up by the government. The first time I saw a proper mutant was a week ago, exactly 2 years to the day after the explosions had happened.

* * * * *

I woke up around seven, rolled off my mat on the floor and tugged on my boots. I wandered over to where my brother was sleeping and the ache in my back was making me seriously regret letting him sleep on the bed. I nudged him awake with my foot, he mumbled something that vaguely sounded like he was telling me not to kick him
“That wasn’t a kick, it was a nudge” I told him. He knew from personal experience I could kick a lot harder than that, he was older than me, he didn’t mind. I went into the bedroom next door looking for mum, it wasn’t her bedroom, it was just a bedroom in the house we were staying in. Not that you could really call it a house anymore, the whole back had fallen of so it now resembled an old dolls house. The pictures on the wall were of someone else’s friends, someone else’s family, and someone else’s life. It didn’t really matter, it was just another place to stay for a while.

I ran my fingers through my hair, I needed to wash it, I didn’t know how long it had been since I had last washed it properly, with no electricity we could no longer heat water so we had to have cold showers, which in the middle of winter really weren’t that appealing. Attempting to brush the worst of the knots out with my fingers I wandered over to the gaping hole in the wall to see my mother sat on a chair at the bottom of the garden just staring into space. Since my Father had died she spent a lot of time zoned out and we had to look after her more than the other way around.

I went over Damien and shook him awake again

“I’m up I’m up!” he announced, still in bed. He glanced up at me and the look in my eyes made him actually start moving. Now he was out of bed, or in the process of getting up at least, I went down to see how my mother is.

Jumping over the stairs that were crumbling too much to support my weight I landed on the mud at the bottom, stumbling slightly and failing to keep my balance which resulted in me getting a face full of grass and mud. I heard Damien laugh upstairs, at least he was up finally. Dodging around the nettles and bramble bushes that littered the little garden I made it down to the bottom where my mother was sitting.

“You scared her away again” she said, not even turning to look at me

“Who? Who did I scare away mum?” I asked, wondering who she could possibly be talking about, this area was completely deserted and as far as I knew my family were the only people here

“The girl” she said matter-of-factly, as though I had asked a stupid question. I prompted her to explain in more detail but she was already off in her little world again so I decided not to push it any further.

This is the start of a story which I'm in the proccess of writing. Con-crit welcome ^_^

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