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Vampires don't sparkle.

Amber gazed at the pool of blood that surrounded her. The gash in her leg had already faded to a faint line. She had been injured, but the blood surrounding her was not her own. Looking around the room her eyes fell on a pile of cloth, bones and even more blood. These items had once been people. Now nothing more than a collection of twisted and broken marionettes. Amber chuckled to herself as she thought of what her new abilities could do.

She rummaged through the debris and found that it consisted of five people, four men and a woman. She picked up a head, it belonged to the man who had led the charge on her house. She could still picture the murderous look in his eyes, his bared teeth, the flaming torch in his hand. He and his companions had broken down her door wielding stakes and crucifixes. Now his eyes were cold and blank. She tossed his head back to the floor.

She knelt down and ran her fingers through the blood that had pooled at her feet. It was still warm. Absent mindedly she traced symbols across the floor with the blood and wondered what to do next.

These people had realised what she was, and if they had then others would too. She could try and escape them, she could leave, but where would she go? She didn’t know who had done this to her. Why she was like this. She needed answers, and she knew that this was where she would find them. So for now, she would stay here. After all, if anyone else came knocking they would meet the same fate as the others.

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